Black Static #55

Black Static #55, featuring my story, A Very Lonely Revolution, is out now.

A Very Lonely Revolution by Simon Avery

illustrated by George C. Cotronis

Julian was dead, but Tom continued to call his house every night. It was habitual, and part of him refused to accept he was gone from there, from that house, that life. Now he was somewhere between the mortuary and the funeral home. Tom imagined the phone ringing in those cold and uninhabited rooms, shattering the silence, ringing for no one. He supposed that continuing to make the call that he’d made for the better part of his adult life would stave off the realisation that another piece of it had gone. His parents: gone; his wife and child: gone; and now his best friend: gone. He wasn’t yet ready to acknowledge that there was so little left. It was being chipped away from him gradually; a subtle test of his resolve against the odds, and he was almost certain that he might not survive this final exam.


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