World Fantasy Award nomination for The Teardrop Method

It’s been quite a month for me, and easily the most satisfying of my writing career.

Sunflower Junction, a story that first appeared in Black Static 57 is being reprinted in Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror in September.

A Clear Day in a Season Of Storms is being published in The Black Room Manuscripts in September.

My novelette, Why We Don’t Go Back is out now in Black a Static 64.

And to top it all, Andy Cox, emailed me last week, told me to sit down to prepare for some good news. Then I received a list of the nominees for the World Fantasy Award. I couldn’t quite believe it, but there it was – The Teardrop Method, nominated for Best Long Fiction!

The World Fantasy Award! I cannot believe that this novella, which I began about five or six years ago has gone out into the world and been read by so many people. I’m so pleased that it’s been so well-received. This is pretty much the icing on the cake.

Thanks to everyone who bought the book, read the book, and took the time to spread the word about it. I’m very grateful.


2 thoughts on “World Fantasy Award nomination for The Teardrop Method

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  1. Hi Simon, I just wanted to say congratulations on the nomination, it is richly deserved. I got a copy of the Teardrop Method having been so impressed by the excellent Sunflower Junction in Black Static. I’ve recently read Why We Don’t Go Back in the latest Black Static as well which is another terrific read. Good luck with the award. Cheers, Andy


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